• Thanks for the wonderful knowledge you are sharing with us. Your enthusiasm and dedication is contagious. I look forward to the next video, then the next, the next, etc.

    Patricia Dodson

    Wonderful knowledge
  • Thank you for this teaching. This just show us if we walk in darkness what will happen to us. Let us walk in the light of the Torah and that light will be a light to the world. This is an awesome teaching.

    David Tijerina

    The light of the Torah
  • A very stimulating teaching series so far, Avi. Interesting to ponder that 345 is a ‘reflection’ of 543….. Consider that this statement was made at the start of Moses’ ministry and that his ministry to Israel took the form of reflecting the word of YHWH to Israel; was this a promise contained in the statement “I am who I am” ?

    Looking forward to more!!!

    Alan & Kathryn Rowlands

    Stimulating Teaching Series
  • Thank you Avi for this beautiful sharing! Great insight in another level. This remind me the “virgin birth”, not as viewed by the majority. The “Ruach” (Spirit) coming in a similar way over Myriam, to fill the womb (darkness) with the Word (water), in which Yehoshua will be nourished during nine month before coming through the birth pang to bring the true light to the world.

    Daniel Chaud

    Great insights
  • The tour was amazing and gained new insight on The Scriptures.  The times allotted each day was good, with a wealth of Scripture. Thanks for taking the time to do due diligence in synchronizing the Scriptures with the location, time-frame, and Hebraic perspective.  When people take this type of tour, be prepared to dig deep into scripture and connect to Eretz Yisrael, the Land.


    Amazing Study Tour
  • We did enjoy thank you Avi!!! It’s a true blessing to be able to study these things ‘on location’, it lends a greater sense of history to the Word – as relevant today as it was then. Todah rabah!

    Alan & Kathryn Rowlands

    A greater sense of history to the Word